2013 E3 – Sonic Lost World A

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2013 E3 – Sonic Lost World A
sonic sega

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Question by Koto51: Do you think that sonic adventure will be remade for the Nintendo 3ds?
I mean, it seems like a possibility since Sonic Team and Sega have both partnered with Nintendo now. Sonic generations is going to be awesome, but I would really love to see sonic adventure 1 and 2 make an appearance on this new system. I do believe it would be possible, due to the unvailing of the new super mario world and ocarina of time for the 3ds, but will it happen?

Best answer:

Answer by I’m just that guy™
I hope!
I still have Sonic Adventure Battle 2 on the gamecube.
And it’ll be awesome if they remade it onto the 3DS!
I could create my chao and race it with other people throughout the world with WIFI!

!!! YES!!! they need to remake it

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Play.com Live 2008
sonic sega

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Sonic taking a break from playing tennis

new and improved sonic!
sonic sega

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