36880 – drawing giantess manga monochrome the_world_god_only_knows

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36880 – drawing giantess manga monochrome the_world_god_only_knows
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Image by umbamabumba9087

Question by Amber: How to easily start drawing anime?
I have asked this question before but it didn’t work I draw average cartoons I want to know if there is any way at all to progress from cartoons to realism and again to anime or just straight to anime quickly or slowly it doesn’t matter I just want to learn do I have to learn to draw realistically before I can draw anime really good?

Best answer:

Answer by thundybear
Unfortunately, yes. To be able to draw manga and anime style, you first have to know realism, which is what anime style is based off of.

The best way to do this is to look at photos and try drawing them as you see them.

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Learning realism first will make anime a breeze!

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