Anime Girl Face Conformity

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Anime Girl Face Conformity
drawing anime

Image by timtak
They could almost be the same girl, with a variety of hair colours. In the Edo period too, stylised pictures of "beautiful women" looked like they could have been of the same woman but now the woman’s face is very different. Images of beauty have changed.

The above is the first page of google images, searching for anime face girl.

It would be interested to ask a pool of subjects whether they think the images are of the same girl by different people, or of different girls, and to compare these results with say, googles first page of impressionist beautiful women. While I do not believe that the Japanese are generally conformist (as is generally believed) I do think that views of feminine beauty are very convergent in Japan because the Japanese idealise and enhance the image more. I have argued (Leuers and Sonoda, 1999) that since Westerners idealise and enhance character traits more, their self-professed character traits are far more convergent than those of Japanese.

It is amazing that there is a photo (or two?) in there.

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Question by Justin Khar: How can I get good in drawing anime?
I really want to get good in drawing anime. The reason why is because I want to create my own Manga. I used to be good, but I stopped drawing and now I just suck. How long would it actually take me? How can I get good?

Best answer:

Answer by Jerrylee22
Practice. Could take you years. Depends how much you’re willing to devote, as does anything.

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anime girl
drawing anime

Image by sinbad9
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