art school

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art school

Image by bunchofpants
Hey guys, having trouble getting the chicks to pay attention to you? Go to art school and take a photography class! Women will line up for the chance to wear skimpy clothes and contort themselves into otherwise improbable come-hither poses in front of your lens. Be sure to wear a hat–chicks dig that. Also, shoot black and white for bonus arty cred.

This guy didn’t seem to pleased that I was hanging around shooting him. That pleased me immensly because I’m in a contrary mood today.

Question by heidegger_001: Why do cons always hype up trade schools that you see on TV?
Are you like shills for them? Nobody fails, everybody passes, you’re 30,000 dollars poorer, and the employers don’t take you seriously. I’m talking about the “culinary schools”,”auto mechanic schools” and “art schools” too.
Is it like it’s on TV so it must be legit?
So 10% find jobs (probably low paying), and now the other 90% are in debt for $ 30,000. How is that good for the economy?
I guess the cons are stock owners of these “trade schools”. figures.

Best answer:

Answer by O’Ryan
I don’t know anyone who even talks about those schools.

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