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Question by robert f: Why do some people find people who pursue an advanced education difficult to understand?
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and I am pursuing any actuarial license. To get an actuarial license you need to successfully complete the required standardized, professional, exams. I’ve been asked the samething by two different people who I talk to once in a blue moon or who don’t know me.

“Are you still trying that college thing?” <-- A question from a maintenance man

"Are you still in school?" <--- A question from someone with an undergraduate degree.

Best answer:

Answer by Sweet Brown Sugar
Some people don’t have the where-with-all to better their lots in life. You do, so don’t let others steal your joy and desire for better employment.

In my area of employment, it’s expected for us to get advanced degrees (I’m in education). The more education we get, we get a better salary.

Don’t worry about haters…you just keep doin’ you!

Good luck

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Image by xian

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