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Question by hrvatsam: How boring are liberal arts schools?
Ok so I’m a junior in high school and I really want to pursue a career in the medical field (not exactly sure what I want to specialize in yet, but I perhaps want a degree in epidemiology, genetics, or neurology). I go to a small private high school (about 70 per class) and we have, of course, a strong liberal arts curriculum and I have to take four years of English, History, etc. I am honestly finding it boring as I am losing motivation for any classes that I’m not specifically interested in. I dread going to classes like history, which I pretty much just remember information for just until the test and then forget (along with most other people I know in my class..) Now to my point: my college counselor is suggesting a ton of “small liberal arts schools” like Pomona. Considering the fact that high school, especially mine, is centered on liberal arts… and the fact that I’m used to the “small school” atmosphere – will I get bored with it? I honestly would like a lot of opportunity to explore my field of interest – specifically, biological sciences and foreign language. I feel like liberal arts schools would restrict me and I would not get much out of the other subjects. I honestly do not see the point in the whole “well-roundedness” that they stand for, can someone please clarify? Am I completely misunderstood and should look further into them? Are Liberal Arts colleges definitely not for me? Would it be high school all over again for me? Please let me know! Thank you.

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Answer by ownpool
Almost all colleges and universities require all students to take two years of general education classes which are distributed over the subjects studied in high school. However, at college or university, students can often substitute comparative literature for English, Asian history for European History, take a new foreign language etc. At a school as difficult as Pomona you will not be bored if you like an academic challenge.

Epidemiology is usually studied in graduate school and neurology is studied in a residency after medical school. You may want to consider a large university where you can major in genetics as an undergraduate, but you will still have to take the general education classes unless you go to Brown or one of the few other universities that do not require them. If you go to Stanford, Berkeley, or UCLA, you will still have to take the general education classes. The best liberal arts colleges, such as Pomona, are as excellent for science as for arts and humanities.

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