Bote de Galletas de Sonic

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Bote de Galletas de Sonic
sonic sega

Image by ManuelSagra
Antes de abrir este pequeño bote de galletas que compré en el Sega Joypolis…

Question by KOTO: How to draw whatever you want, for a BEGINNER beginner in art?
Hello, I have a question… (hoping that it’s the simplest thing in the world)

I am trying to draw video game and anime characters (such as Mario [Nintendo], Sonic [SEGA], Goku [Funimation]) because I think that drawing my favorite characters would be great and learning art’ll be fun.

But my only problem is that I can’t visualize, draw very well (blatantly), nor bring up any ideas of how my first artwork would be.

Please help …
… Please help …
… Please help.

Do’h! I’ll stop, lol.

I’ll determine details if requested.
Art programs I have is Photoshop CS6, Paint.Net.
Hmm… you’re right!
Thanks for your help ;)

Best answer:

Answer by Laura
I’m sorry, but that’s like asking “how to beat everyone you play in tennis for a beginner?” All I can do is suggest you try and compare your drawings to the original. Practice makes perfect.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Sonic Bathrobe
sonic sega

Image by Sonic Retro
After enjoying a good bath or simply getting up in the morning to get the paper, be manly and walk out in a Sonic bathrobe. Adult sized!

Taken at Florida Supercon 2011.

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