Darker than Black

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Darker than Black
drawing manga

Image by purplekiss024
Hei (Messier Code: BK-201) in the Darker than Black, one of my favorite anime/manga.

(Sorry. This isn’t my best. Had to rush.)

Question by Joshua: What are the best art supplies for drawing manga and anime?
i have $ 20.00 as a limit preferably from amazon and i need good art pencils and a drawing pad that are good for drawing manga and anime.

Best answer:

Answer by Kristi
20 bucks is good to start building up your art supplies, so I’ll list the very very basic necessities. This usually includes regular pencils or art pencils. Art pencils do not have an eraser and you can choose whether or not you want them hard, dark, or black. Since they’re just pencils, it’s not absolutely needed, but nice to have.
For pens, I suggest Copic or Sakura, because when you eventually get markers, regular ball point pens bleed and can ruin an already inked drawing. The Sakura Pigma Micron Set of six pens is reasonably priced at about ten dollars on Amazon. But unless you are planning to buy art markers, you don’t need these just yet either. Just depends on whether you want the quality of the art pens or sketching with just a ball point pen.
Now on to colored pencils! I personally love Prismacolor. They blend well and give a nice color. Unfortunately, large sets of these pencils can cost up to almost 50 dollars, so a smaller set would be best. The Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil 24 color set is about 17 dollars. So if you plan on just getting colored pencils, these are the best option! There are probably smaller sets, but this one is just the right size when starting out.
For later on if you decide to expand your variety of manga and anime mediums, I suggest buying a small set of art markers. These give that almost printed-out digital look of digital anime. BUT they are extremely expensive, with a set of 12 markers being pretty much $ 50! Some brands are Copic, Design2, and Prismacolor. Although, I would wait on these.
For a sketch pad, Strathmore is a good brand. An 8 x 10 with 400 pages is almost 8 dollars, so if you want a basic sketch pad, this is the way to go. Canson is great too, but their sketch pads are a little more expensive. If you’re willing to go a little higher, to about 14 dollars, Pentalic has a nice wire bound sketchbook.

But when it comes down to it, it isn’t the material you use that makes your manga and anime drawings good, it’s how you use your supplies. I’ve drawn with a ballpoint pen from a hotel in New York and colored it in with Crayola colored pencils and it still looked like the art you see online! But it is also very good to have nice supplies as well!

Hope this helped!

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drawing manga

Image by Reback-sama
I strike again whit my drawings! Here is drawing number five and more photos will come. Comment please.

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