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sonic cosplay

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Question by Mew Cocoa: Sky Girls Sonic Driver Cosplay???
I’m cosplaying Otoha and her Sonic Driver Reijin, and i’m using stilts and blueboard for the bottom half, i know i’m using blueboard for the whole shell of the cosplay, but i don’t know what kind of support to use to make the torso part of the mecha and up. I was thinking an army pack with aluminum bars to build around, but it needs to be light, seeing how i’m on stilts

here’s a pic of the Sonic Driver and Otoha who drives it-

and here’s a pic of just the sonic driver-

forgot to mention that they are dry wall stilts

Best answer:

Answer by thejanith
A pack with aluminum bars will be light. They get heav y when stuffed with three weeks’ worth of survival gear. Just the pack will be pretty light. Make sure your stilts are cleared for the weight of you in your costume. This one looks like a lot of fun to build and to wear.

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sonic cosplay

Image by ArtistJ

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