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sonic cosplay

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Question by When They Cry: Sonic the Hedgehog: New Fleece Hat?
I have been going around different websites to look for this hat for Christmas for my cousin. I was chosen to be his secret santa and this is probably what he wants the most this year. I could not pre-order the new game “Sonic Colors” because I do not have the money for shipping and the game itself. Ebay was just bidding and none of them said “Buy It Now” and Amazon is asking for a ridiculous price. All I’m asking here is there a good website to buy this hat for my cousin at a decent price? Anything else I get him will probably not be interested. He’s only 6 years old and will have to go back to California right after Christmas. I want to make this up for him.

Best answer:

Answer by colleenfrances
Found it here:

I like this site because they have a lot of neat stuff. But the pricing might be high because of shipping and stuff like that.

Good luck!

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sonic cosplay

Image by ArtistJ

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