Dr Who Crossplay

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Dr Who Crossplay
sonic cosplay

Image by Tomasz Stasiuk

Question by Nicolas: Should I cosplay the Doctor (Doctor Who) if…?
…I haven’t watched many episodes of the tv show? I want to cosplay the eleventh Doctor but I’m scared about people asking me things about him. I know he likes fish fingers and custard, the tardis is what he uses to travel in time, I know about the weeping angels, he hates pears (I think), he regenerates, he has a sonic screwdriver, he thinks bow-ties are cool, and some other things. So, what do you think? Should I cosplay him?

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Answer by gracel313
Hi. You quite a few things about the 11th doctor; however, I think if you dress like him, people will assume you know more. If they start asking you about Amy and Rory, the Pandorica, River Song, etc, what are you going to say?? It’s up to you, but I would stick with something you know more about.

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sonic cosplay

Image by kepstin

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