Elfen Lied 2 – Nyu/Lucy #elfenlied #nyu #lucy #girl #anime #drawing #sketchbook #sketchbookart #fanart

[Amazing cool drawing anime images:|Some nice drawing anime images from Flickr:|Love this drawing anime images:]

Elfen Lied 2 – Nyu/Lucy #elfenlied #nyu #lucy #girl #anime #drawing #sketchbook #sketchbookart #fanart
drawing anime

Image by Daniela S Nassetti

Question by Awsomeninja14: What is the best website that teaches how to draw anime and manga?
Im trying 2 learn how 2 draw anime but im kinda stuck. I cant buy any books rite now and i am practicing but is there any websites that any 1 can recommend 2 me 2 help me get better? plz n thanx

Best answer:

Answer by ☯|<ς ⓂⓄⒹⒺⓇⒶⓉⓄⓇ☯ ≈ フォクシー数学


Those are the best websites to practice drawing manga! You should go there and learn the lessons!

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Ishida Cosplayer Draws Bow @ MTAC Ninja Bleach Photo Shoot
drawing anime

Image by millermz

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