How to Draw Manga: Power up Manga Techniques for Beginners

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How to Draw Manga: Power up Manga Techniques for Beginners
drawing manga

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Question by Kayla: What are some good how to draw manga books for complete beginners?
And I mean COMPLETE beginners. I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga (my favorite mangaka being Rumiko Takahashi, by the way) and I really want to learn how to draw manga. I want a book that can teach me how to draw manga AND help me develop my own style. Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Mari Yang
theres this book call how to draw sketching manga style and its really good because the art is more japanese like than american art wannabe anime
you should get them i have one of them and they’re really good !
theres volumes of it :D

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Practicing drawing manga with Miss Nine, so we can be as good as @curtismcginnity when we grow up.
drawing manga

Image by rich115

drawing manga

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