Manga on the Floor

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Manga on the Floor
drawing manga

Image by Théo La Photo
In a curious t-shirt store, in the Ginza neighborhood, very trendy, downtown Tokyo, a huge manga is drown on the floor, and can be seen from above taking the staircase.

Question by Moriarti: Easy way to draw manga bodies?
I really need help on drawing manga bodies, what are good practice habits?

(I’m not planning on drawing in color…) I need to first master the body parts.
How do you practice real figure art?
Heh, im not worried about becoming a “major” in art.
I am going to show the people that I have skills at least drawing manga. Art majors are losers anyway, true artists don’t go to college to practice it.

Best answer:

Answer by RobinX
Best to practice real figure art, as once you know anatomy and how the body moves, things will become much easier for you. In manga or other cartoon type art, it is a matter to “minimize” and “distort” the realistic proportions until the desired style is met.

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laptop kid
drawing manga

Image by ralphhogaboom
My daughter brought home a ‘how to draw manga’ book from the library, and we’ve been doodling in the evenings. I can’t seem to stop drawing eyes like this now.

A-powers sepia big
drawing manga

Image by Jo Naylor
the fist in my manga angels series – the sepia version

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