New York Anime Festival 2009

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New York Anime Festival 2009
drawing anime

Image by peterjr1961
NYAF 9/25/09
Soul Eater Chalk Drawing by Erik Maruscak

Question by : What is the most common way to draw anime eyes?
I like to draw anime so what is the MOST common (in your opinon) way to draw the eyes. pics and sites helpfull thanx!

Best answer:

Answer by Sukie
It depends on what kind of a character you are drawing.

If you want kind of a young, naive, simple and happy male character… This look also works for children.

If you want the same thing, but in a girl, this type of thing on this girl is more common…

If you want a mature and older, maybe a more mysterious male character…http://image.forumfree.it/3/0/3/1/6/4/6/1207160245.jpg

Girls’ eyes usually tend to be bigger, with longer/bigger/more noticeable eyelashes and “eye shine”. Upper lid usually tends to be far more curvy.

Guys’ eyes with usually be a little smaller (but not too much), less slanty on top, more of just a straight/slightly curved line. Less eyelashes.

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