SEGA Goodies

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SEGA Goodies
sonic sega

Image by Pyrii
Received this lot in the post this morning from the guys at SEGA Europe. Best christmas present I got, but don’t tell anyone in my family I said so. =P

Question by owizeisme: Who feels they should come out with a Sega Saturn or Dreamcast Collection?
The have all these Sonic Sega Collection games, and company treasures (midway, namco, konami, capcom, etc) collections. Who thinks its time to step it up and bring out some real collections from the Sega Saturn, PS1, and Dreamcast days. Im not talking about emulators Im talking about an actual collection of games on a disc for the 360 or PS3.

Best answer:

Answer by Legion
That would be sweet, especially for the DC. Great system that died too early.

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Sega Genesis
sonic sega

Image by drukelly
I know this is kinda silly but once I discovered Darlene had this, I knew she was the one. Sega!!!

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Takeover asda-entertainment.co.uk
sonic sega

Image by Simon Owen Design
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Takeover asda-entertainment.co.uk

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