Sonic and Mario together at last?

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Sonic and Mario together at last?
sonic anime

Image by ronaldhennessy

Question by Mephilesfangirl: Is there any websites that have everthing anime, manga and Video game based stuff from books to bags?
I want some websites that are the stores! Even from Japan!
The official stores from Japan! Sovenier stores from Japan! What do Japanese knick knack stores have? I hope they have how to draw books and Lucario and Suicune plushies! Sonic too!

Please naswer and thank you! Please search my question What stuff does Japan have and thank you!
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Best answer:

Answer by Lina W
Hello! You can search on this site

You can search in English for Japanese sites

If you can not find it yourself, you can contact them and they will search for you in Japanese!! They are specialize in helping you buy things off form any Japanese sites, and forward the items to you internationally!

I have been using them for some time now, and is very please with their service and price. So hope you will enjoy using them as much as i am!

Hope this helps ^_^

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London Anime Con 2012
sonic anime

Image by R Schofield
This is Sonic Dragolgo, who was pretty hardcore. www.myspace.com/sonicdragolgouk

Rocket Complex, Holloway Road.

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