Sonic and Shirt Sonic!

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Sonic and Shirt Sonic!
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Image by Originalrocket

Question by Sabine: What anime shows are there that don’t have cussing and violence?
My sister loves anime, but I don’t want her watching shows that have lots of blood and gore. Also, nothing perverted please, she’s only 9. Any recommendations for animes that fit those characteristics and are still good?

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Answer by Becca
Okay, I am a little young to be on yahoo, but i know great anime shows. Disney Channel doesn’t ever cuss. There’s Phineas and Ferb, but if she doesn’t like it, I don’t blame her. The episodes are kind of repetitive. There’s Adventure Time, great show….I haven’t seen Adventure Time, but my friends say it is great. I’m her age, actually, and I know some shows that actually cuss, but I don’t cuss myself. I mean, it’ll put her behavior to the test, and if she actually says it, it means that the stuff is actually influencing her so you better turn it off if that does happen.

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sonic anime

Image by Joey Alizio Jr : Outlaw Legendz 0Z.
Joey Alizio Jr : Hitman 1972 : JoeygoodfellaX :
Ghostface Killah 2011 : The Mean Man 187 :
Outlaw Legendz 0Z. : Pop! Pop! Pop!
Goes The Weasel and My Nine : Crazy Joe :
Dirty Rotten Rhymer : Uncle Murdah 2011 :
Murdah One : 12 Gauge : Double Barrel :
Bust My Two Clips : .32 Siciliano Especiale :
Squeeze On Blow. First To Blast. Escribaste :
Zinzane(He’s Insane): Americas Most Wanted :
ADT Trippin’ : Chrome On Dome : Bang! Bang! :
Gun In Your Mouth Productions : PAYBACK INC :
Mad Dog 40/40 : Trusto. Onero. Respetto.

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