Sonic Hedgehog

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Sonic Hedgehog
sonic cartoon

Image by Skylinephoto
I am a Sonic Fan . Here is a cardbord cutout I have in my room , Sonic is one of my favorite, Next to Bugs bunny

Question by Amalia Saucier: Question about old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon?
My siblings and I used to watch an old Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon and we were trying to remember this one particular episode where Sonic gets covered in some sort of black grease and gets sick. I don’t remember which Sonic cartoon it was but any clues would be great! We’ve been arguing about it for too long.

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Answer by Britt Sodersjerna
I think the series you are talking about is eather the adventures of sonic the hedgehog, or sonic underground. But for episode, i have no idea. I would check wikipedia, they have a last of every episode.

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sonic cartoon

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