Sonic the Hedgehog – Amy Rose

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Sonic the Hedgehog – Amy Rose
sonic cosplay

Image by V Threepio

Question by Halmetal Alchemist: What to do with a Sonic cosplay?
i know i have asked this question before but i need more answers, i have a sonic the hedgehog cosplay, its a really good one, it has a massive foam head and everything, sort of something you would get in disney land :P but i need idea’s on what i can do with it, can i have reasonable and safe, funny idea’s

Best answer:

Answer by Attack of the Superdork
Isn’t it obvious? Go to a cosplay convention. Isn’t that the reason why people cosplay? To go to a cosplay convention.

You can use it for Halloween.

Go to Disneyland or Disneyworld as Sonic and see if any kids ask for your autograph.

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sonic screwdrivers
sonic cosplay

Image by gtrwndr87
Shot at San Diego Comic Con 2011

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