Sonic the Hedgehog is 18 years old @sonicgames happy birthday!

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Sonic the Hedgehog is 18 years old @sonicgames happy birthday!

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Question by Sheela: what exactly is this kuku puzzle?
im looking for stuff to put on my christmas gift list, and i came across this. what exactly is it? it seems sort of interesting,. but i hear its decently expensive, so i don’t want to ask for something that high that i wont really like.

what exactly do you have to do to solve this kuku puzzle?

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Answer by Osiris

Its a puzzle ball that you have to figure out how to take apart. It like one of those chain link puzzles. It splits into four pieces that has a code inside. With the code you can play a game on the makers website to win prizes. It is supposed to be fiendishly difficult.

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