Ten and Eight

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Ten and Eight
sonic cosplay

Image by wiliqueen
Sonic screwdrivers at the ready!

Question by Bre: Where can i Find Plastic/Glass Sonic ChaosEmerals,PlasticRings,and a fake,plastic gun?
The Rings n Chaos Emerals for Sonic and Silver Cosplay and the Chaos Emerals,Rings,and Gun for Shadow Cosplay also! is it possible! to make these out of foam n paint em? but where can I buy plastic or glass Chaos Emerals?

Best answer:

Answer by Shivansh
Skyz it is a toy mall which has a big section of everything you wanna

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Ten zaps the clockdroid
sonic cosplay

Image by wiliqueen
Sonic screwdrivers are mighty handy things.

Dragon*Con 2011
sonic cosplay

Image by Kristin Brenemen

25th anniversary of D*C was a blast. Some of us did panels and met celebs, others just wanted around and socialized. Fun was had. House Hufflepuff represented. All in all, another great con.

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