TGS – Novembre 2010

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TGS – Novembre 2010
sonic cosplay

Image by TarValanion
Photos des cosplayeurs prĂ©sents samedi 27 Novembre 2010 au Toulouse Game Show. Si vous ĂȘtes sur la photo (ou si vous reconnaissez la personne sur la photo), envoyez moi un mail ou laissez moi un commentaire!

Merci de ne pas mettre d’image dans vos commentaires. Please do not put any picture in your comments.

Question by Marie: Characters with long light blue hair? Cosplay?
I have a wig that I used for my cosplay of Ichirin Kumoi from Touhou. It’s a periwinkle blue color, and the length is mid-back length, it doesn’t have bangs. I don’t want to cut it, since I’m still going to use it for my Ichirin cosplay. But are there any characters with that kind of hair?

Best answer:

I’m thinking that one of the sailor moon characters has that color.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

sonic cosplay

Image by makishimutomato

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